Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update from Avir: With the kids at Salaam Baalak Trust

Here's the school we just played at. it was pretty amazing. We had to travel deep into the heart of Mumbai. Cars barely fit. Street names are rumors. Eventually we found the school. It was brimming with what they refer to as "street kids". These kids are from all over the place, runaways or castaways or whatever. the school was started after Mira Nair's Salaam Bombay film. The school also doubles as a shelter for girls. They didn't let us take pictures or film. I think we might have snuck a picture or two. We brought an acoustic guitar and some pots and pans. We played some songs and then they sang some songs and we tried to keep the beat. Alan did a little Jason Anderson-esque interactive thing with them. The kids swarmed around us and our instruments. they looked at us with the curiosity i might have for an alien. We felt bad about leaving but we promised we'd come back and we gave them all our "email id's" and promised to remember their names. We were only supposed to be there for an hour but we stayed for three.


  1. This was a truly awesome experience.

  2. Yea it was, I dont think ill ever forget those kids.