Saturday, April 11, 2009

Update on Bangalore and Kolkata from Avir

just got back from back 2 back shows. bangalore just got done. kyra. its a brand new club. we learned today that it was supposed to open next week but when they heard we were coming they hired more people and got it up and running for tonight. apparently they put up the windows only a few hours before we arrived. it was rad. especially because you arent allowed to dance in bangalore! and clubs must close by 11!!! but it sort of made for a fun time as everyone tried their hardest not to dance (like dancing while holding their chairs so they werent leaving their seats). i also had a wireless mic so i got to run around the venue like a dumbass and stand on chairs and sort of get in trouble. the crowd ended up playing along with spoons. long story. we have video somewhere...

last night was kolkata - also sick. small little rock cub where u cant breathe type thing. the crowd was super super enthusiastic. i had a whole bunch of my family there. it was fun.

i havent slept in forever. after the kolkata show we had a flight at 6am. so we stayed up in the hotel, sang with these philipina karaoke singers and headed straight to the airport. from there straight to soundcheck in bangalore. day before we went to like 2 afterparties in mumbai after our show at blue frog so we didnt sleep then either. now im sitting here in our hotel where we're having a little after party. whiskey, soda, and potato chips. sorry if im not making sense. im about to knock out.

night night

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