Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A week in the life of a Bamboo Shoot...

Ever wondered what it's like to be in a touring band?

Here's the schedule we're looking at for the following week... it's going to be hectic, but we can't wait!

1st April: Travel from New Delhi to Mumbai at 16.30 hrs -

2nd April: Sound Check at Zenzi 17.00 pm and Show at around 10 pm.

3rd April: 11am Leave for Pune. 18.00pm Soundcheck @ Club one 21.00pm Show.

4th April: 10am Leave for Mumbai Central Station .Train to Delhi at 16.30pm

5th April: Soundcheck in TC at 5pm and Show in TC at 9pm.

6th-7th April: Chill in Delhi.

8th April: Board train to Bbay at 16 .30hrs.

9th April: Soundcheck at Bluefrog at 16.00 hrs.

10th April: Fly to Kolkatta. Soundcheck at 16.00 hrs and show at 22.00 @ Someplace Else.

11th April: Fly to Bangalore. Soundcheck at 17.00hrs and show at 21.00hrs @Kyra Bangalore.

12th April: Soundcheck at 17.00hrs and Show at 21.00hrs @Opus.

13th April: Chill in Bangalore.

14th April: Back to Delhi and Chill till 16th.

Crazy. But we're having a blast! Keep you eyes peeled for more as we travel on!

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