Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're featured in DNA India!

Shooting stars

Suparna Thombare / DNA

Some artists sound good on record. But there are some that get even better when they take to the stage. So if you are looking for a fun live night, you’ve got to go for a gig that makes you stand up and shake a leg or at least your head! NYC's Bamboo Shoots is just that kind of act.

Here's what we've seen in some of their videos on MySpace. The band's a riot on stage. The drummer Ankur gets on to percussion, keyboards, drum machine and even a dholak (which he turns to one side and uses like a bongo or plays with sticks!) almost simultaneously. And when you least expect him to do anything more stunning than that, he breaks into some break dance moves!

Probably that's why they have been labeled as an alternate dance-rock band. Though it's basically a pop mentality there's something that's alternate or more appropriately different.

Let's go back to the start. The band was formed in 2004 by long-time friends Avir Mitra and Karl Sukhia, who are the band's primary songwriters and musical collaborators. The band shot to fame after they were crowned MTV's Artist of the Year for best music on campus. The band got their big break by signing with Epic Records. They've spent the last year in California recording their first studio album, titled Armour which will release this year.

All the members have grown up in the US and this is the first time that they will travel to India as a band.

The band recommends two songs to look out for during their live performance — Hey Girl and Milk Satin Silk. Drummer Shiv Puri tells us why. "Hey Girl is our most successful song. Milk Satin Silk is completely opposite. It starts with drums and not with a guitar or a melody and then there's a sudden explosion and the drums fall to the ground and shock people.” Shiv's given it away, but insists it will be something else when you are watching it live.

The event is happening today at Zenzi, Bandra, from 9.30 pm onwards.

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