Sunday, April 12, 2009

Update from Karl- Dirty Dancing in Bangalore

I feel like Patrick Swayze today. No im not feathering my mullet or trying to communicate from the dead with Demi Moore, but I can relate to the ways of the Swayz. Basically we played the opening show at this amazing theatre (Kyra) in Bangalore, great sound, great vibe, amazing stage, and no dancing allowed. Yea, for real, in all of Bangalore, no mofuckin dancing. They warned us before we played not to ask the audience to even stand out of their chairs, under threat of a week long stay in jail. The nice part was that they gave us that talk while we dined at the resteraunt below the theatre eating a meal prepared by a Michelin Star chef, which did make the news a little less bitter to swallow. Anyways, we took the stage, did our thing, and the audience did theirs. It started slow, first bodies swayed in their chairs, then people at their tables getting out of their chairs for a few seconds at a time, and finally chairs were brought to the front of the stage where people went as crazy as possible while still seated. Then the screaming. Oh the screaming... it was like some Beatles shit, girls shreiking so loudly they were drowning us out, no lie. The security started to threaten people with arrest, but they simply wouldnt stop. It was beautiful, all that repressed emotion finding its way to the surface like lava tearing open a mountain top. Of course there were repercussions. This morning we were awoken with several calls, basically letting us know that even though we were great, we cant play our show tonight with our full setup. Its gotta be essentially drum-less, stripped down, and "less sexy and provocative". But Bangalore is amazing, people find ways to keep the party going after the clubs close (at 11!). We had a whole bunch of folks come back to our hotel, after we picked up some beer n whisky which was aquired on a quiet overpass after a call to the booze dealer and dropped off to us like a kilo of something far more potent. We're about to head out to a secret party now at some place called the beach (the party starts at 2pm) which those screaming girls invited us out to... mid-day fun, and some more dirty dancing.


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