Sunday, April 5, 2009

Karl gives the goods on Pune

Oh outdoor shows, its a love and hate relationship... The first thing Ankur said when we got to the venue in Pune was "this is some Six Flags type shit" and he was right on. Except here all the palm trees are real and the mosquitoes outnumber the people 1000 to 1. From the hydraulic stage to the wide open outdoor space we were having flashbacks of those Plain White Tees shows aplenty. Oh and the heat, it was quite hot, and there wasnt much breeze to speak of so we were quite wet by the end of our set. Regardless, it was a great show, sound was good, and we even pulled out a stripped down version of This World is Beautiful. A bunch of my fam was there, which was rad, and getting to catch up with my cousins is always priceless.

So that was the show but it was only half the story in Pune, we gotta run to our Delhi show in a few mins so I gotta fill you in some more later...

- Karl

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