Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yellowbuzz covers Bamboo Shoots

You Better Dance Or Else It's Your Loss: Bamboo Shoots Wields Rhythmic Discipline

I have a secret. I’ve been listening to Bamboo Shoots 2006 Blue EP non-stop since I saw their show at Alley Katz in Richmond, Virginia on March 15. This disc has been spinning in my car stereo system for about 6 weeks now. Its groove leeches on you and your internal organs. This disc is a party, whether you’re ready to move or not. No joke. I have been failing miserably at resisting the temptation to put this disc on repeat.

Based out of the New York metropolitan area, linking the Jersey suburbs, New York, and Brooklyn, the five-piece band Bamboo Shoots has been making groove-oriented indie eletro pop since their first show at the Pianos in New York City in 2004. The band stems from a close, long-term collaboration project between two friends Avir Mitra and Karl Sukhia that started in their pre-college years in South Jersey. Notably, in 2007, Bamboo Shoots won the MTVu Best Music on Campus contest after qualifying to be in the final round of 50 and then surpassing all other contestants by the grassroots support of votes from family and friends around the world. Packaged along with the prize were instant media exposure – a live performance on Late Night with Conan O’Brian – and a major record deal with Epic.

Before their load-in, Bamboo Shoots met me for an interview at a Thai restaurant nearby the club in downtown Richmond. They thoughtfully answered my questions about their music endeavors and experiences. They talked about the centrality of rhythm in their music, their South Asian musical influences, experiences of growing up within the South Asian community in New Jersey and negotiating their parents' expectations for professional career like medicine, engineering, or finance. Interestingly, Karl used the analogy of “coming out” to describe the process of divulging to his parents his passion and pursuit for music making. Our conversation evolved into an informal chat about music gear (geeky!) and their DIY plans for touring India [documented on the band blog]. At the end the interview, Shiv turned the table around and asked me about my research findings.

More photos from this performance

It was a particularly rainy and foggy night in Richmond, unfortunately. Despite the low turnout, Bamboo Shoots played a high-energy, crowd-pleasing set consisting of songs from their 2006 EP and the more recent “Hey Girl” and others from Music for Cotillions, a mixtape web release in spite of their contract with Epic. Ankur’s percussion was low in the mix - a disappointment, personally. Nevertheless, I had a blast moving to the syncopated rhythmic texture and tension between guitar and keys, drum set and bongos (and drum machine!). Who says that indie rock lacks rhythmic depth?

The best way to enjoy their music is to throw all objects aside and feel the music through moving the body. Bamboo Shoots will perform on June 14 at Public Assembly in Brooklyn. The performance is a part of Northside Festival in Brooklyn that features NYC bands. At my next Bamboo Shoots’ show, I will ditch my duty to capture media. I will dance freely following their disciplined rhythm in abandonment. Who’s going to watch my field recording devices? Also, there better be some bopping and swinging en masse. Who’s in?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Black and White in Mumbai

Check out these gorgeous pictures from Pune and Mumbai, taken by Neville Sukhia.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Text 'Shoots' to 41411 for Updates from Bamboo Shoots!

Hey guys!

You can now stay connected with us even when you're on the go, by texting 'Shoots' to 41411 - for mobile alerts about shows, news, downloads, and more!

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Only Much Louder Blog posts about Bamboo Shoots

Only Much Louder, the great folks over in India who booked our entire tour in India posted about us this week here, with some kind words, saying we "are the best example of how international indie acts should strategise and work the Indian market."

You should check out their website,
Only Much Louder

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Our cover of "Paranoid" hits 7,000 views on YouTube!

Hey everyone,
Our cover of Kanye West's paranoid just passed 7,000 views. Wow!

Check out Yellowbuzz for some pics from Richmond!

Yellowbuzz posted some cool pics from our richmond show last month. Check it out here!

Shiv quoted in DNA India...

Check out this weird, but interesting quote from Shiv in this article...

Friday, April 24, 2009

update from karl.... yea, i stayed back

Karl writes in an update from India:

while most of my bandmates have returned stateside, i was unable to tear myself away from this place just yet. its funny, i never thought i would feel so strongly about staying back, im still wrestling with the guilt of not returning to the grind and the work that has to be done back in the us, but at the same time i simply couldn't leave right after the tour was over. India has become of those things in my life that lives somewhere shoved deep into the cupboard, or hidden under my bed. Mostly because in the last few years India has become a painful reminder of how little physical contact I have with those i deeply love, whether its family or friends, and also a reminder of those who keep leaving my life as time pushes on.

when i was a kid growing up here, my grandparents and my parents were indistinguishable to me, i knew one was much older than the other, but they were all part of the village that raised me. my dad was at sea quite often (most of the year in fact) and so my grandfathers became just as influential to me as my father during those years. a few years back, i got the word that my moms dad passed away, and then my dads mom, and then my aunt, and the news registers only as much as you allow it to when you are thousands of miles away. there was always something else to place in between me and the news of their deaths; work, songs, shows, bandmates etc. then i get here and that distance is gone.

im wading through it all now, it overwhelms me at times. its like standing at the 6 foot marker in the pool and having just your nose above water, one tiny wave from a passerby and water rushes into your nasal passages, breath gone. im also trying to spend as much time with those that i likely wont see again, my grandmother, and my great aunt who never married, who nursed all her brothers and sisters as they left her. She remained the last one who could walk, who could travel to them as they were ailing. Now she is 93, still walks through the gardens around her home every day, but her once sharp mind is dulling as alzheimers sets in. She asks me in mid conversation who I am again. At the same time im watching the next generation of my family blossom. My cousin who is autistic and has great difficulty speaking is turning into an accomplished painter, another cousin a great photographer, and they are all becoming good men and women as far as i can tell.

I remain quiet most of the time around them, im not exactly here enough to tell them how to live their lives or to give sagely advice because im still figuring this shit out myself. But i enjoy their company immensely, and im just trying to soak everybody in as much as i can in these next few days that im still here. years will likely pass before i see them again, but they never act distant. we pick up where we left off last, and hopefully we all grow old together, in our own little corners of the earth.

- Karl

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bamboo Shoots on CNN-IBN India

Hey everyone! We were on CNN-IBN India a few weeks back, and we just got the tape in. Check it out!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exclusive video from Bangalore pre and post-show- We cover "Rock Your Body!" -kinda ;)

First we drove: 5 people. 2 cars. Guitars on top, luggage in the back. Driving to the gig in style. Bangalore, India.- Avir

And then we even after the show, we still played! This clip is after our show at Kyra in Bangalore. Who knew Justin Timberlake was so popular in India. Actually, probably everybody. These girls rocked! - Avir

Even more videos from Mumbai, India! (Tom Cruise)

Tom Cruise Part I

Tom Cruise Part II

Monday, April 20, 2009

Shake it Off and Wrong All Along Videos-live in Mumbai and Kolkata

This just in-clips from our Mumbai and Kolkata show. The Wrong All Along clip really highlights our low-end side. More to come!

Wrong All Along, Mumbai

Getting a bit of crowd participation in Kolkata!

Shake It Off in Kolkata - check out Ahmed rocking out!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

4,838 people in 117 countries download Music for Cotilions

This is pretty cool--we've just found out that almost 5,000 people have downloaded our Music for Cotillions mixtape. Incidentally, if you haven't gotten a chance to download it yet, you can by clicking here

Check out the screenshot!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Walk like an Egyptian?

Here's a quick video of us being interviewed by Rolling Stone India outside the Blue Frog in Mumbai.

" I think we're describing what it means to walk like an Egyptian? I have no idea." - Avir

Friday, April 17, 2009

Avir...back in the States

I'm home. So odd being back. For example, it's 8am and I'm wide awake and I'm about to go to a Zumba class at my gym because I don't know what else to do. Ahmed, Ankur and I flew back together, Karl and Shiv have stayed on in India for a bit. The flight was more or less unremarkable. We watched Almost Famous. Arriving in Newark was an adventure though. We had discussed on the flight that we might get split apart by security so whatever. As Ahmed says, he has 5 names, and they're all on the terrorist watchlist. Sure enough, when we landed, Ahmed was pulled aside by security right from the get go, and taken to an undisclosed location. Ankur and I pointed and laughed. As expected. This was right at customs. So me and Ankur are still left. We were waiting in the customs line, Ankur was behind a guy who looked dumb high. He had a little micro ponytail and he straight up walked into customs with nothing but a bag of chips. He was just carrying this bag of chips everywhere, getting it scanned, carefully handing it to customs, and he was just very mellow about it. He was hilarious. Ankur and I got through, got to baggage claim, got our bags and Ahmed was still nowhere to be seen. I thought gitmo was closed? Usually I get harrassed at airports so I was thinking maybe Ahmed was a nice decoy for me.

So finally we started walking out but Ankur and I get routed to one last security check where they scanned our bags because we had a bunch of gear that looked suspicious. Ankur is first and he's describing his equipment, what an MPC does, how midi works, he's in a band signed to Epic records, we just toured India... basically kicking his game to the security guard. That works well, and I have less gear, so I step up figuring I'll do the same. I don't even get to open my mouth. I get escorted through automatic glass doors, down a long empty hallway and into another area. Asked to sit down and wait. And there was Ahmed. And bag of chips. So now us three are sitting there looking at each other. Security goes through our bags, opens my shaving cream, goes through my clothes, looks through my camera. Asks me why I packed so little for a 3 week trip, grilling me about my guitar pedals, etc etc. Backstory - our ride to the Delhi airport was literally in a duststorm, so as a result I was sneezing and blowing my nose nonstop. I had dust in my hair and on my clothes and anytime I'd shake my head I'd start sneezing on the plane. So my bag was full of used tissues and this dude is meticulously going through them one by one. I asked him how us three got back here and he said it was totally random (righhtt).

Anyway, now that I'm home with my trusty computer we're going to be getting more pics and video up soon. There's a few clips up already. Keep checking back for more. Also more articles from India will be surfacing and we'll be sure to get them to you.

Piano's Show Webcast- Happening NOW!!! at 2:30!!!

Hello everyone! We're on a plane and will be back in the US this morning. To thank everyone for the great time we had in India, we are presenting a special presentation of our live show at Piano's last January. The webcast will begin TODAY, APRIL 16TH around 12:30 PM, and we'll have another encore broadcast tomorrow, APRIL 17TH at 2:30 PM (which might work better for those of you on the West Coast.

Video from Blue Frog Bombay/Mumbai

Hope you enjoyed the webcast today! Here's an exclusive video from our show at the Blue Frog in Bombay/Mumbai. Most of us just landed this morning so we've got lots of stuff to show you all--keep checking the blog because the fun's not over yet!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Few more pictures...

Mid-Day Bangalore Interview and Pics!!

Rock and Dhol

By: Namita Gupta

The energetic and talented five-member American band Bamboo Shoots is on an India tour and their gig at Kyra's opening night has won them a big fan following

Need some ammunition to recover from your 9 to 5 grind? Go jive to some good music. Just like Bob Marley once said, "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain". And when you lend an eager ear to these all-in-their-twenties boys from the band Bamboo Shoots, this is exactly what hits you unadulterated fun that combines high-energy rock with intense originality.

The five-member band of Indian boys, born and raised in the US, comprises Avir Mitra on guitar and vocals, Karl Sukhia on bass, Shiv Puri on drums, Ankur Patel on percussion and Ahmed Mahmoud on guitar.

Does your band have a fairytale beginning?
Avir: Karl and me met before we entered our teens through the Parsi community in Southern New Jersey. We got our guitars when we were about 12 years old and we began playing music together from 2004. We also began writing our own songs.
Shiv: I had already heard some of Avir's songs before I met him through a DJ friend, while I was a student at the Stern School of Business in New York. We started playing music for house parties and wrote for fun under the moniker Bojangles.
Ankur: My brother was a friend of Avir's and introduced me to the group at one of their early practice sessions. I remember I was so passionate about playing the dhol over their songs, that the dhol became a part of our music.
Ahmed: I met the band at Karl's birthday party in 2006. Their guitarist had quit and there I was on the guitar strings.

What kind of music did you want to create when you got together?
The kind of music we wanted to listen to and hear and enjoy. Not something, which we had heard a hundred times. We would like to call it headbobbing, hip shaking.... we have our own take on rock.

Any Indian influences?
Shiv: During our college days we met up in South Jersey on weekends to hone our music and play local gigs. We travelled a few thousand miles to work on music. We have an Indian heritage, but we don't describe ourselves as an Indian-American rock band. We never tried to shoehorn the Indian part of ourselves. We're going mainstream in America and would not like to go through any cultural identity crisis at this stage. Our culture could seep through, but we are into rock music and nothing else.
Karl: You could call us Rock n Dhol instead of Rock n Roll!

Do you write all your songs? And what's your inspiration?
Avir: Karl and I write most of the lyrics. We take inspiration from life itself and its struggles. Sometimes it takes hours to write a good song and sometimes it just happens in an hour. Once Karl broke up with his girl and wanted to write something. So it's various instances like that. They are mostly reflective.
Shiv: Also, the unique thing was that we all grew up to listening to different types of music and artists like Prince, Michael Jackson and the Indian dholak. It was like a stir-fry.

Did you have family support when you started out and did you all complete your education before you took this path?
Shiv: Family support is very important. Avir's parents are doctors and wanted him to be a doctor. But once they saw that he was passionate about what he was doing, they were extremely supportive. It's the same with our parents.
Avir: I attended Brown University for a degree in Biology and was a few months away from commencing medical school when we won the mtvU contest and I chose music over medicine.
Shiv: I received a finance degree from NYU Stern School of Business and quit a job on Wall Street to be in the band full time.
Ahmed: I graduated from William Paterson University with a degree in biology and here I am.
Ankur: I postponed his college degree in civil engineering at Middlesex Community College.
Karl: I have received my degree in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland. I can't straddle careers and I chose music.

Are you trained in classical music?
Avir: We took guitar lessons when we were young. I learnt the saxophone when I was in the 4th grade.
Shiv: I learnt sitar from Ustad Shujaat Khan for many years. I had wanted drums since I was four and begged for them for many years and got them when I was 13. Since then I've been playing.

What's been the highpoint of your work together?
In late 2006 we signed up for the MtvU Best Music on campus contest. In 2007 we were informed that our song Hey Girl had made it to the Top 50. Out of the thousands of participating bands, we were voted amongst the Top 5. Friends and fans voted for us and one fine day we were surprised about our winning the contest, while we were just hanging out at an apartment in Brooklyn. Our big moment was when we were told that we would be playing live on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Our sparkling moment came on May 14, 2007 when we performed live on that show. The Conan O'Brien gig was our slice of the grand prize for winning the mtvU and Epic Records Best Music On Campus Artiste of the Year contest. In addition to the late night appearance, we received a promotion video and record deal worth up to $1.5 million. Now we have band managers, lawyers and organisers, who take care of everything and we concentrate on our music.

Tell us about your first album for which you're touring the world?
Bamboo Shoots signed up with Epic Records in the summer of 2007. In October 2007 we left New York for Sausalito, CA where we began working with producer Jerry Harrison from Talking Heads on our debut, which was completed by March 2008, which was later mixed at Chalice Studios in Los Angeles and mastered by Brian Gardner. The album, titled Armour, is releasing this year. We're on our first India music tour and have performed at Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata and now Bangalore.

Other passions besides music?
Long drives. And, all of us love to cook Indian food. Log on to to listen to their music

Making work fun
Bamboo Shoots dropped by MiD DAY yesterday. Natural performers, they broke into a spirited rendition of Hey Girl, a song from their debut album. Amazed by the "sounds of India" but bewildered by the ban on dancing in pubs, they confessed they were horrified when the local police burst in on their performance at Kyra. They told us they were open to all influences, and were impressed by a Kannada song they heard on FM. Hip hop and rock are, of course, big influences.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In DNA Bangalore!

New York minute

Ah the pleasures of international gigs in plush lounges! And let the city brood over nightlife deadlines, Bangalore continues to be one of the best cities to catch some phoren talent, at least as far as music is concerned

Shruti Goutham

They feel "honoured" to be playing in the city. An often heard statement as international bands and DJs come down to this city to perform, across various venues that range from nightclubs, amphitheatres, stages and even lounge bars. That's the magic of the city. Give them something musical and the entire city laps it up. Be it tickets worth Rs 100, Rs 5,000 or even free — the audience is discerning and loves any kind of show that makes it here.

The latest on the list is Bamboo Shoots, a New York-based five-piece band that's performing in the country for the first time and put Bangalore on their map as well. And the venue that's grabbed their time is the newest arena on the block — Kyra, where they are performing tonight. Split over different levels, Kyra comes with quite a unique concept. Apart from their fine-dining area, they also have a dedicated space for performances. Dipali Sikand, proprietor of Kyra, says that one can have a debate there if they wanted to as long as it was interesting. But they are not the only ones headhunting.

Hard Rock CafĂ© had recently played host to the Canadian alternative rock band Low Level Flight, which apparently had a great time singing to the audience. Opus is known to have live gigs often and their range of shows cover everything — from desi to international.

And while cops come down on places to prevent any kind of 'live' band, Bangaloreans continue to rock!
Coming to the band, Bamboo Shoots might be from everything American, but they'd rather sell themselves as one with an Asian identity.

Avir Mitra, Carl Sukhiya, Shiv Puri, Ankur Patel and Ahmed Mahumoud, are the partners in rhyme and are also credited for being one of MTV US's hottest artists. So if you like them at Kyra, you can look forward to their new album Armour, which will release soon.

Now all we need are a few more great places that open their doors to music. Perhaps then, Bangalore will have its true music back.

To catch Bamboo Shoots, at Kyra theatre, Katti-ma Centre, 100 Feet Road Indiranagar, tonight, call 43419999 for detailsBelt it out: Bamboo Shoot at a performance

A Picture Update


Featured in Sakal Times!

'We just follow our instincts'

Akshata Shetty chats up Avir Mitra, member of Bamboo Shoots, currently touring India

Bamboo Shoots, a US-based band comprising young and talented musicians - Avir Mitra (vocals/guitar), Ahmed (guitars), Karl (bass/synths) and Ankur (percussion) - is currently touring India. With their energetic and electrifying performances in Pune and Mumbai, the band is now heading to Kolkata and Bengaluru. Here, Avir introduces us to their style of music and the challenges of an upcoming band...

What is your style of music?

Honestly, that's really hard for us to say. It's sort of like trying to describe the back of your own head. So close to you but so very hard to see. I'd rather hear others' perspectives on it; I think that would be more valuable. We just follow our instincts when we write.

Did you take up music because you loved it or was it a way to bask in the limelight?

We simply had to. Sometimes I don't know if it's love or hate or both. There was something that needed to come out and music was the channel. It never felt like a choice. Also, basking in that glorious limelight gives you so many opportunities to wear fashionable sunglasses!

Your idea behind the India tour?
Someone once told me, "Have goals, not expectations". So, our goal is to make a solid connection with the people who truly love upcoming music in India. Most US bands come to India only after they are established internationally. India is just one stop around the world for them. We, on the other hand, want to make a real connection here and take our fans just as seriously as we do at home in America.

When it comes to promoting your albums, what are the challenges you face?

The challenge right now is that the music industry as it currently operates is no longer viable. Selling CDs is basically like selling VHS tapes. On the other hand, demand for fresh music is as strong ever. So how do you reconcile these two facts? That's the challenge. I think it has to do with making as many personal connections as you can. You can travel and interact much more directly with people now. You have to give them an experience they'll never forget.

Do you think albums are best sold at concerts and not in music stores?

Personally, I'd rather have Bamboo Shoots sell albums at concerts, whether it be a CD or just a laptop sitting there that can transfer MP3s to your ipod. I haven't stepped into a music store for a long time. I'd also like to sell our albums in strange places like roadside food stands in Mumbai or in cabs only after midnight on commission. That would be hilarious!

Which do you prefer: covers or originals?

I'll always prefer originals, but the occasional cover here and there can be fun. We just released a free mixtape of cover songs - we did it because we were bored (if you can believe that!). It's called 'Music for Cotillions' - you can find the free download online. (HERE)

Helping out a friend!

Our new friend raj (who is an old friend of our friend Andrew) out here from bombay just did a remix of "If you're out there" for a John Legend remix contest. We think it's awesome. Help him have it featured on John Legend's MySpace by voting for it here:

Last Day of the Tour...:(

Alas, today is the last day of the tour :(...Some of us are sticking around to see family, some are going back to the United States. If you're in New Delhi tonight, come out to the Living Room to see us finish the tour off in style!!

Don't fret, we'll be back to play India again soon! And soon enough, you'll be able to relive the whole experience through video...thanks to technology and YouTube!

And, a Happy Easter and Passover to everyone celebrating, though that's a bit belated...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Avir becomes a father...

India's technological boom has resulted in Avir conceiving and having a child in a record two weeks. This phenomenon is a rare but interesting side effect of international touring, no doubt.

Just kidding...the baby is just a friend!

Day off in Bangalore

today is our day off in bangalore. we just got done an interview with midday newspaper here. they gave us flowers at the end, no joke. - Avir

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Schedule... dun dun dun

We just wanted to share some of the sleep-deprived craziness with you guys.

A Few Kolkata Show Pics!

Featured in Deccan Chronicle Bangalore!

Rock band Bamboo Shoots are performing in India for the first time. Here’s a lowdown on them...

by Rhik Kundu

They are the only band with members of Indian origin to win MTV USA, Best Music on Campus contest, back in 2006. Three years later, Bamboo Shoots is in their land of origin for a series of concerts. These live performances will take place in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai and our very own Bengaluru where it is scheduled to be held on April 11 and 12. With four musicians — Avir Mitra, Karl Sukhia, Shiv Puri, Ankur Patel hailing from India and one Ahmed Mahmoud of Egyptian origin, the band is all set for rock the desi audience.

“Pop music you would like to rock out to” is the term used by the band to describe their genre of music. Influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, INXS, Police and Foo Fighters, the band is popular in the US for their dueling two-person rhythm section, their South Asian identity and influence. Their current Indian tour also happens to be their first international tour. “We are looking forward to connecting with people through our music. We would like to hang out with them and get a positive response,” says Shiv Puri, a member of the band.

Bamboo Shoots started off as a college band representing Middlesex College. But, winning the MTV contest gave them a glimpse of fame. But, this didn’t come without competition. “At the MTV contest there were more than 1600 registered bands competing for the laurels. We were lucky to win at such a huge competition,” says Shiv. They feel that a whole new world of opportunities opened up after the competition. They were signed by Epic Records in the summer of 2007. As a result, Armour, their debut album is all set to hit the market this summer.

Also, greats of the music world like Jerry Harrison from Talking Heads and Spike Stent associated with Madonna, Britney Spears and Maroon 5 were associated with the band for their debut album, thanks to their record deal with Epic.

The band is eagerly looking forward to their Bengaluru show. Only Shiv has been to the city as a kid. But, they are positive about making an impact. “We are expecting a nice young crowd and a good turnout,” he says.

Update from Karl- Dirty Dancing in Bangalore

I feel like Patrick Swayze today. No im not feathering my mullet or trying to communicate from the dead with Demi Moore, but I can relate to the ways of the Swayz. Basically we played the opening show at this amazing theatre (Kyra) in Bangalore, great sound, great vibe, amazing stage, and no dancing allowed. Yea, for real, in all of Bangalore, no mofuckin dancing. They warned us before we played not to ask the audience to even stand out of their chairs, under threat of a week long stay in jail. The nice part was that they gave us that talk while we dined at the resteraunt below the theatre eating a meal prepared by a Michelin Star chef, which did make the news a little less bitter to swallow. Anyways, we took the stage, did our thing, and the audience did theirs. It started slow, first bodies swayed in their chairs, then people at their tables getting out of their chairs for a few seconds at a time, and finally chairs were brought to the front of the stage where people went as crazy as possible while still seated. Then the screaming. Oh the screaming... it was like some Beatles shit, girls shreiking so loudly they were drowning us out, no lie. The security started to threaten people with arrest, but they simply wouldnt stop. It was beautiful, all that repressed emotion finding its way to the surface like lava tearing open a mountain top. Of course there were repercussions. This morning we were awoken with several calls, basically letting us know that even though we were great, we cant play our show tonight with our full setup. Its gotta be essentially drum-less, stripped down, and "less sexy and provocative". But Bangalore is amazing, people find ways to keep the party going after the clubs close (at 11!). We had a whole bunch of folks come back to our hotel, after we picked up some beer n whisky which was aquired on a quiet overpass after a call to the booze dealer and dropped off to us like a kilo of something far more potent. We're about to head out to a secret party now at some place called the beach (the party starts at 2pm) which those screaming girls invited us out to... mid-day fun, and some more dirty dancing.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Catch the test broadcast now!

Broadcast of a few clips from our show at Pianos last January. See it now at

Coming soon... a special webcast, "from the vault..."


       Since we are down in India, we haven't played shows in the US in some time. We'd love to be able to play in two places at once but the technology hasn't been created yet... so we're doing th next best thing. Coming soon, we're going to be featuring a special webcast of our show from Piano's (in NYC) this past January. It'll be accessible via our blog and also on "" --so keep your eyes peeled! And don't worry if you miss it, we'll be rebroadcasting it a few times. 

We'll be having a "test" broadcast tonight at 8pm EST featuring one or two of the highlights from the show... the full show will follow soon! 

Update on Bangalore and Kolkata from Avir

just got back from back 2 back shows. bangalore just got done. kyra. its a brand new club. we learned today that it was supposed to open next week but when they heard we were coming they hired more people and got it up and running for tonight. apparently they put up the windows only a few hours before we arrived. it was rad. especially because you arent allowed to dance in bangalore! and clubs must close by 11!!! but it sort of made for a fun time as everyone tried their hardest not to dance (like dancing while holding their chairs so they werent leaving their seats). i also had a wireless mic so i got to run around the venue like a dumbass and stand on chairs and sort of get in trouble. the crowd ended up playing along with spoons. long story. we have video somewhere...

last night was kolkata - also sick. small little rock cub where u cant breathe type thing. the crowd was super super enthusiastic. i had a whole bunch of my family there. it was fun.

i havent slept in forever. after the kolkata show we had a flight at 6am. so we stayed up in the hotel, sang with these philipina karaoke singers and headed straight to the airport. from there straight to soundcheck in bangalore. day before we went to like 2 afterparties in mumbai after our show at blue frog so we didnt sleep then either. now im sitting here in our hotel where we're having a little after party. whiskey, soda, and potato chips. sorry if im not making sense. im about to knock out.

night night

Featured in Hindustan Times (Again!)

Namaste, Shooting Stars

Bamboo Shoots. the alternative dance rock band based out of New York, recently performed in Delhi at Turquoise Cottage, organized by Hot Coffee Events. The five members - Avir Mitra (lead vocals and guitar), Karl Sukhia (Backup vocals and keyboards) Shiv Puri (Drums), Ahmed Mahmoud (Guitar) and Ankur Patel (Percussionist) speak with HT City about their music and the debut album.

What's this buzz about the dancerock genre? What makes it different and unique?

SHIV: Well, I think you can get down and dirty with our songs the way you would at a club.

Tell us something about your debut album.

SHIV: This is our first album with Epic Records. We're lucky to have worked with our producer, Jerry Harrison from the Talking Heads.

How did you guys come together?

AVIR: Karl and I met when we were little kids. I met Shiv at New York university and got to know he played drums.

ANKUR: I met you guys in '03 right? AVIR: Ankur, just sort of walked in to our practice, and was like, 'I play this', and we were like, 'Alright, cool'.

AVIR: And Ahmed joined the band about two years ago. We needed a guitarist and he knew our songs better than we did. We were like, 'You're in!' How different are the shows in India from the US? Which one's better? ANKUR: The shows here are not that different from the US. The only difference lies in the venue - which varies from big and fancy to more intimate... I can't say which one is better, but both countries are exciting in their own way.

Which indian musician you would want to work with?

SHIV: I'm a big fan of classical music... I would love to collaborate with Viku Vinayakram. He's such an incredible musician.

The craziest thing you guys have done?

SHIV: Well, I recently got married here in Delhi to my girlfriend. I don't think anyone in the band anticipated dancing with the hijras. I think some of us will have some explaining to do to our friends in America, when they see these photos (above).

Are you guys planning to enter the Bollywood music industry?

SHIV: It's an interesting time to be in the Bollywood industry, especially with the huge success of AR Rehman. Even before the Oscars, however, the pulse of a lot of new music coming out of Bollywood, like influences of hip hop, is something Bamboo Shoots can contribute towards.

What next?

SHIV: We're going to continue touring America when we get back and prepare for our album release. We'd love to come back to India but maybe in the fall or winter when the weather isn't so damn hot.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Played Blue Frog (Mumbai) yesterday, playing Kolkata (West Bengal) the 10th!

Hey guys,

We just played a show at the Blue Frog in Mumbai... If you're in Kolkata, West Bengal tonight (the 10th), come check us out at the Park Hotel. We'll update with pics from Mumbai soon!

- Bamboo Shoots

Pictures (again)

Here's some pics- Avir says he had "an eye check up in India because glasses are so cheap!"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009