Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting Creative in the Studio - Jams, and a New Song Clip

There was something in the air this past weekend in Philly at Y-Rock - the studio was amazing, the people were amazing, and things just felt great. Creative juices were flowing, and as everyone warmed up, Ankur started playing this great salsa riff on his percussion, and everyone else soon joined in:

But that wasn't all - the night before the taping, Avir sent us all a demo track, tentatively called "I'm a Red Light." The song, which has yet to be finished, sounds like nothing we've ever made. Keeping those juices flowin' in Philly, Ahmed suddenly started playing a riff from the song, and we got what followed on camera:

Anyway, we've got even more exclusive videos to come this week, and the radio show airs on Y-Rock and online June 27th (Saturday).

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