Monday, March 30, 2009

Ground Update from Avir!

Hey friends,

It's like 12pm here on Monday and we're in New Delhi and we're already beat! We've already got some rad footage and pics, and working hard to get it to you. Things are a little slower than expected because the internet is sort of slow and its tough to find a computer to transfer video to. Also Ankur managed to destroy like every fuse in my room. Dhol and Vodka. But we're working on it. We've been staying up super late at night and then we're not able to sleep in because of jet lag. But then at like 4 in the afternoon you feel like you are sleep walking.

We are seeing some crazy things - I think it was just yesterday that Shiv, Ankur and I were dancing with Hijras. Those are basically eunuchs. They come to weddings and either bless you or curse your marriage, depending on whether you pay them or not. It's an age old custom here in India. Pretty wild. Anyway, little known fact outside of fam and friends, but last night Shiv had his wedding here in New Delhi. It involved a lot of music, fireworks, horses and 20-piece brass bands. Kind of a cool way to kick off a tour. Our friend and producer Jerry Harrison is also here on his way back from Australia so he got to join in on the festivities (and also danced with the eunuchs).

Aight well I'm going to go walk around and look at things.


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  1. This is fabulous Avir! Hope everything's a blast!
    xo, Jennie-Sue